The Pump House Project Presents

sELFie Doors

a Community Art Event for Folly Fest

July 28-30th 2017

Get your whole family involved in this extraordinary event, turning Faringdon into a place of sparkle and wonder by creating your very own family focussed fairy/elfie i.e. sELFie Door.


The tiny model doors will magically reappear around the town for 'Folly Fest'. Follow the sELFie Door trail and discover the tiny world of Elves and Fairies! 

Supported by Tesco and Howdens Joinery, Faringdon

All proceeds support The Pump House Project Charity (Number 1151905)


Hints and Tips...

How will you make yours?


Please keep the back of your door flat so your door can rest flat against a wall.

You can add your names to the back of the door.


What will your door look like?

Fantasy, Woodland, Spooky, Cartoon, Favourite Character, Favourite Movie, Family Name, Hobby, Job 


Ideas to cover your door:



Coloured pens




Ideas to embellish your door:

Add a handle

Add some hinges

Add a window

Add a frame around the door


Ideas to decorate your door:

Use beads

Use glitter

Use sticks

Use stones

Use moss

Use shells


Ideas to add that extra magical touch:

Add a door step 

Add a porch roof

Add flowers

Add creatures

Add characters

But most importantly....HAVE FUN & MAKE YOUR DOOR YOUR OWN!


The Pump House Project,

Swan Lane,


Oxfordshire, SN7 7AF

Registered charity no. 1151905

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