Tutor: Emily Marshall 

Wednesdays 12pm (midday) - 1.00pm   

£2.00 per person (drop in)

A relaxed and friendly morning choir, open to all. We'll be singing songs and harmonies from around the world for well-being, for a sense of community and for fun. Come and find your voice with others. 


A little note from Emily...


If you've always fancied singing with others but didn't feel a formal or evening choir was for you, then The Pump House Project Community Singing Group probably is.

My name is Emily Marshall. I am an experienced singing leader who believe that everyone should have the chance to be uplifted by singing what ever you think of your voice. I work with groups right across the community from baby music groups to singing for fun with Age UK. I believe anyone can sing and everyone is entitled to enjoy the pleasure and power of singing together whatever your past experience. You don't need to read music as I teach by ear and choose songs from all over the world and especially from traditions where learning aurally is the norm. It's fun, it's healthy and sociable so come and find your natural singing voice and enjoy it.


I start with gentle sitting stretches, some breathing warm -ups and some vocal exercises to get our voices ready.

I’ll teach a short simple chant or round, when we’re naturally singing in harmony with ease. Then I'll teach a song to sing in harmony involving parts with a little learning. Maybe a gospel song, a folk song or music from around the world. All are taught in a relaxed informal way, building confidence and where nobody is expected to perform or adhere to traditional choir parts eg. soprano/tenor. 

I bring lyric sheets for a more traditional ‘sing song’ at the end, but work acappella so there is no accompaniment (but I am learning the Ukelele!) 


There is no pressure to be an excellent singer. I hope to create a supportive environment where I encourage people to lose their ideas that they can’t sing. I want everyone to think their own voice is natural and connect with others and enjoy the experience.


I regularly find that having people with a complete range of experience creates a great sound. So there might be someone who often sings in a church choir next to someone who was told to mime the last time they sang at school! All are welcome.


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Oxfordshire, SN7 7AF

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